Malaria Clinic is functional at the hospital.

Physical Therapy:
Services of trained physiotherapists are available for patients during 08:00 AM to 02:00 PM in Room No. 0008

Fracture Clinic:
Runs in Room no. – 01 & 04 on all working days. Plaster services runs from Room No. 05.

Bio Medical Waste:

It is the waste generated in the hospital as a result of patient diagnosis treatment or investigation of human beings/ animals. Necessary equipments are available at the work stations for proper management & segregation of biomedical waste. (Needle Destroyer, Colour Coded Segregation bags, Transport Trolleys/ Wheel barrows)
Bio Medical Waste is stored in a separate waste storage room, handed over daily for final treatment & disposal. Time to time training is given to Medical/ Para Medical staff regarding handling & management of Bio Medical Waste.

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Page last updated date : 02-11-2021

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